A sign calling for action to be taken to repair Westshore Beach rather than create a cycling stadium has been creating plenty of interest in the past week.

"Westshore Beach or a Velodrome?" the carefully painted sign asks.

Its appearance on a wire fence at the roundabout intersection of Pandora Rd and Humber St in Ahuriri has led to several texters messaging their support - one declaring it to be "brilliant".

"Fixing erosion along Westshore Beach will be far more beneficial to the people of Napier," the latest texter wrote.


Napier Mayor Bill Dalton said he was aware of the sign and had no issues with it being there, although he questioned what it was declaring.

"No it can stay - I've always believed in a democratic society and freedom of speech."

However, he added the sign was off the mark.

"These are both projects which are still being investigated so it is certainly not an either-or situation."

He said apart from that factor he had no problem with it being there.

Larry Dallimore, long-time campaigner for action to be taken to prevent erosion at Westshore and safeguard it for future generations, said he had seen the sign but was not sure who had put it up.

"But it is absolutely spot on. We have to fix a natural problem that has been going on for many years first before we start pouring more concrete somewhere - there's enough concrete around already."

Mr Dallimore said he did not oppose the idea of a velodrome for the city as long as it did not become a burden for ratepayers. But he said the cost of such a development effectively equalled the cost of a significant erosion-halting solution at Westshore.