The latest in a "long line of initiatives to bring vibrancy to the Hastings city centre" was launched on Saturday.

More than 200 children came to Albert Square Park to try out the Imagination Playground.

Portable, flexible and light enough for even small arms to lift, the set of large foam blocks, tubes and connectors were a big hit as the kids built everything from forts and slides to cars and flowers.

Hastings City Business Association general manager Susan McDade said she could not stop grinning at the creativity and teamwork displayed by the kids.


"The Imagination Playground is a fantastic addition to the city centre and enhances the Hastings experience for families. I also saw quite a few dads having just as much fun building as well."

Councillor Mick Lester, who attended the event with councillor Kevin Watkins, said: "Albert Square is a wonderful new and original asset for the city centre. It provides an interactive park for all ages, with an oversized chess set for the older age group, and some wonderful construction materials to amuse children of all ages.

"Once more people become aware of it, I can see it as a great spot for parents with children to have somewhere to amuse them while in town and for office workers to relax at lunchtime."

Mr Watkins said: "Fantastic to see mums and dads and young children enjoying the blue blocks in Albert Park. This is utilising Albert Square as we envisaged ... and adding to the fun and excitement of city centre shopping experience. Well done, everyone."

The Hastings District Council-funded collaborative central city vibrancy initiative has only been in effect since October last year, but has supported a wide variety of activations throughout the city from business networking events, concerts and artwork to the Christmas trees displayed by retailers in December.