Hawke's Bay was the backdrop for part of last night's episode of The Bachelor New Zealand, when contestant Fleur Verhoeven took Bachelor Jordan Mauger home to meet her family.

"I'm really excited to show him the place," Fleur said atop Te Mata Peak, the pair's first stop during their Hawke's Bay visit.

Fleur said being back in the region, her "home", had lifted a weight off her shoulders.

Audiences were treated to a recap of Fleur's time on the show, from when she and Jordan first met, to last week's episode.


Coming down from Te Mata Peak, Jordan was introduced to Fleur's family at her sister Eva's home in Napier, which Fleur admitted she had been wanting for the duration of the show.

Despite that, when they arrived Fleur said she was so excited to see her family and newborn niece that she "kind of forgot about Jordan" and he was left to introduce himself.

After meeting the family, Jordan tried to impress them with some Dutch phrases, before Fleur's father, Hans, admitted his attempts had been terrible.

Fleur's brother-in-law would "be the one to ask the tough questions", she said, and Jordan did receive a grilling while he and Dan cooked food on the barbecue.

After spending time with her family and Jordan, Fleur said: "It feels so normal, I can tell that my feelings are getting even stronger and we're sort of building up - it's quite an amazing feeling."

The Bachelor also spent time alone with Fleur's parents, Ellen and Hans, who asked Jordan if he could make their daughter happy. He said: "The time that me and Fleur have spent with one another through this whole process I've enjoyed ... above and beyond what I thought I ever would."

They ended their time in Hawke's Bay with a visit to Wright & Co cafe in Havelock North.