After saying she wanted to go home during last night's episode of The Bachelor New Zealand, Fleur Verhoeven made it into the final three and will be taking bachelor Jordan Mauger home to meet her family in Waipawa.

Emotions and tensions were high in the 16th episode, the final to be located in the Bay of Islands before Jordan visits the families of each remaining contestant in upcoming episodes.

Fleur was the only contestant to not go on a date with Jordan - Erin went on the single date, with Gabby, Naz and Jordan enjoying a group mountain-biking adventure.

The episode became "extremely real" for some, including Naz, Jordan, and Fleur, who said she didn't know if she could continue.


At the season's last cocktail party, tensions rose when Fleur forgot a "pact" she had made to let Naz speak to Jordan first.

Instead, Fleur and Jordan disappeared for some time alone, which reminded Jordan of the Fleur he had fallen for.

When Naz confronted Fleur later in the evening, Fleur was reduced to tears and stormed off.
"I really hate being called a liar when I'm not," she said.

"To be honest, I just want to go home - I'm over this, I'm done."

Jordan consoled Fleur, who confided that she was struggling and didn't know if she could continue. The time alone with the Bachelor paid off and Fleur was awarded the first rose at the ceremony.