Hawke's Bay resident Felur Verhoeven is one of the five remaining contestants vying for the heart of Jordan Mauger, star of the 2016 Bachelor New Zealand.

Fleur Verhoeven, a 26-year-old Dutch native moved to the Bay with her parents and two younger siblings from the Netherlands in 2005. After finishing high school and working in Havelock North, she now calls her parents residence in Waipawa home. Ms Verhoeven talks about her dating horror stories, fears of rejection, and her portrayal on the reality TV show.

What is your best dating horror story from the past?

I actually haven't done a whole lot of dating in the past, and have only ever been on two Tinder dates. However one guy, whom I met for dinner, texted me as soon as I got home asking me to come back to the car park. When I asked him why, he replied saying he wanted to kiss me. It was a little creepy and fair to say I didn't go back!


How do you cope with negative comments about you, particularly on social media?

I think it is very normal to be curious about what other people say about you. Luckily for me, the majority has been extremely positive. I do get the odd negative comment, which can be tough and hurtful, but then I remember that people who take time out of their lives and bother to say something nasty aren't worth me wasting time. I think the most important thing to do is not to take it personally and remember that "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." (Dr. Seuss).

Do you not find it a bit strange so many girls seem to be so fantastically attracted to the same guy at the same time and in the one place?

Living together with several girls who are after the same guy's attention is definitely crazy and not always easy; however, jealousy is not something I struggled with in the house. Hearing other girls talk about their time with Jordan is definitely the hardest part of this whole experience but I wouldn't call it jealousy. It's more to do with the thought of opening up and being vulnerable, while not being able to receive confirmation from Jordan that he feels the same way only for you. For me, I tried not to compare my connection with Jordan with the ones he has with the other girls, because that would drive me mad.

Are you fully prepared for rejection?

The chances of getting hurt are very real and not something you can really prepare yourself for, but I try and remind myself before every rose ceremony that whatever is meant to be is meant to be. If Jordan decides that I'm not the one for him then I am 100 per cent sure there will be someone else out there for me.

Are you happy with the way you have been portrayed on TV?

Going into the show, one of the most important things for me was to stay true to myself and to stay away from being nasty. Overall I have been very happy with the way I've been portrayed.

Tense end to rose ceremony

It was a nerve-wracking end to the 14th episode of the Bachelor for Hawke's Bay resident Fleur Verhoeven.

In the Bay of Islands for last night's episode, Ms Verhoeven missed out on a single date with Bachelor Jordan Mauger, but was taken on a group kayak date leading to the Haruru Falls.

During a cocktail party held at Waitangi, things became tense when the Bachelor told Ms Verhoeven off for a joke about making an effort to speak with him alone.

By the end of the party she was the only contestant not to spend time alone with Mr Mauger, but said she was not worried as she felt they had a strong connection.

It was a nail-biting wait for the Dutch native at the rose ceremony, when Ms Verhoeven was left in the bottom two with early-favourite Storm Halkett.

Ms Verhoeven was given the final rose, and another week to win the affections of Mr Mauger.