A large scrub fire which has been burning since around midday in Rissington is said to be a controlled burn off by Forest Management NZ and Bay Forest rural fire.

Napier Fire Service station officer Peter Draper said the burn off was located on farmland between Glengarry Rd and Puketitri Rd.

The farm was large, with a number of gully's which was why the fire was so big, Mr Draper said.

He said the fire service were not involved, as the organisation were using all their resources and two or three helicopters. He said one helicopter had been lighting sections of the "large farm", with others using monsoon buckets to douse the fire.


The Fire service had received a call out, but after they spoke with those involved their services were not needed.

Napier Fire Service senior station officer Mark McGill said there had been helicopters on stand-by with monsoon buckets, but that was all part of the normal process.

"They've been there from the start, there's no reason for anyone to be concerned."

Mr Draper said there was a bit of ash fallout in Napier, but this was of no real concern. He said if anything dropped into anyone's backyard and ignited, they should call 111.