The man shot and killed in the Ruahine Range yesterday was 23-year-old Danny Rion Jordan.

Mr Jordan was shot accidentally when he was hunting in the Ruahine Range with two Army friends.

He was shot by another hunter who was not part of his hunting group.

Detective Sergeant Jason Crowe said Mr Jordan was shot as he and his two friends were sitting on the Sparrowhawk bivouac walking track, taking a break from their tramp into their hunting area.


While most hunting accidents occurred in heavy bush or rugged terrain, this one was different in that it occurred in open bush on a DoC track used to access the Ruahine Range.

"The shooting is an example of what can happen when firearms safety rules are not followed and hunters don't identify their targets properly," Mr Crowe said.

Police are urging all hunters to exercise extreme caution when in the bush and not to get carried away by the start of the new hunting season.

"Don't let the excitement of the roar affect your ability to make the right safety decisions. As this case illustrates, a small mistake can have fatal consequences."

Close friend and Scott Illemann said he will dearly miss his beloved friend. He lived next to Mr Jordan during their time at the Army camp in Burnham and were on the same course for about a year.

"Danny was an amazing guy with a heart of gold."

Mr Illemann said he will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him and his cheeky personality.

He said Mr Jordan had a love for the outdoors but "catch him on the street or in the pub and you realised that the love doesn't stop with his adventurous activities".

He said Danny would always have a smile on his face.

"You know he would be up to some mischief. And that's why we all love him, 'cause that smile lifted even the lowest of moods.

"He will always be remembered as one of the best guys I know, an amazing person to look up to," Mr Illemann said.

There are seven basic rules covered in the Firearms Safety Code that hunters should abide by, including identifying your target properly and handling firearms safely. "We can't stress enough the importance of these rules and urge anyone using firearms to follow them to the letter," Mr Crowe said.

The police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The Firearms Safety Code states:

-Treat every firearm as loaded.

-Always point firearms in a safe direction.

-Load a firearm only when ready to fire.

-Identify your target beyond all doubt.

-Check your firing zone.

-Store firearms and ammunition safely.

-Avoid alcohol or drugs when handling firearms.

Tributes were flowing on social media for the fallen soldier.

Finbar Marshall: "To the man that was all noise, not a day went to waste. Rest easy my bro!"

Dave Pascoe: "Ain't many out there I'd call brother but your (sic) one of them Danny Jordan. Go hard up there like you did down here and have the beers cold for when I see you next. Love always bro."

Pereiha Kerehoma: "Rest in peace Danny Jordan another sapper gone but never forgotten. Will miss your cheeky smile brother."