Cannabis supply chains across Hawke's Bay have been "substantially dented" after a major police operation netted more than 10,000 plants and saw 43 people arrested or warned for cultivation.

Detective Senior Sergeant Brent Greville said police were pleased with the results of what has become an annual summer focus on the cannabis industry and which saw outdoor and indoor growing plots uncovered.

It targeted drug dealers, growers and suppliers operating in the Hawke's Bay, Gisborne and East Coast areas.

During searches police also uncovered nine firearms which were seized, as well as items of stolen property including a late model four-wheel drive vehicle.


Those arrested were charged with offences ranging from cultivating cannabis, possession of cannabis for supply, possession of utensils and unlawful possession of firearms.

"It will make a substantial dent in the supply of cannabis in the region," Mr Greville said.

He said police received a lot of information about drug dealing and growing from the Crimestoppers phone line, which provides an anonymous call-in line for people wanting to pass on information without being identified.

"We have received a lot of information that has helped us immensely in locating and prosecuting several drug dealers in the region," Mr Greville said. "This information is invaluable to police and we would encourage people to use it if they know something about drug dealing in their area."

Police would continue to put pressure on cannabis growers.

"Police work and investigation into cannabis crime is ongoing and continues year round - we are constantly monitoring the activities of drug dealers who should in no way feel as if the pressure is off them now."

The public are being encouraged to pass on any information to police about drug dealing, including reports of suspicious behaviour on a property or activity that is out of the ordinary, especially in the bush or on farmland.

Throughout the cannabis operation police received good feedback from rural communities.

Many people made it clear they were grateful for the work police were doing.

-Information about cannabis dealing and activity can be left anonymously and in confidence by phoning Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.