A Hastings district councillor is calling on people to report suspicious behaviour following vandalism at Eskdale Park.

Earlier this month trees were hacked and cut down at the park, which is just north of Napier but falls within the Hastings district.

Councillor Tania Kerr said the vandalism of parks in Hastings was not acceptable.

"It is a lovely park, perfect for children with the shallow Esk River to one side for paddling, and we don't need people who don't appreciate parks going in and ruining them," she said. "Our park staff work very hard at keeping our parks beautiful for our residents and it is very upsetting when attacks like this occur," Ms Kerr said.


In January a pirate ship was torched and damaged in two arson attacks less than 48 hours apart at another Hastings park.

The ship had been rebuilt prior to the arson at the new Lions Community Park off Sylvan Rd and adjacent to Splash Planet. The ship, bought from Germany, was a popular public choice for a playground item.

The latest attacks had deemed the ship irreparable and it was later pulled down.

The council is urging people to immediately report any damage or suspicious behaviour at parks by calling 06 871 5000, or contact the police on 06 873 0500 or anonymously on 0800 555 111.