The opening of the newest Hastings iWay pathway network on the weekend is another step towards safe cycling, the deputy mayor says.

A picturesque cycle ride marked the opening of the Havelock road southern side pathway on Saturday morning, after it was officially opened by Hastings deputy mayor Cynthia Bowers and Tukituki MP and Associate Minister of Transport Craig Foss.

The Hastings iWay Loop has added more than 100km of cycle paths and lanes to the area and connects in with the wineries and landscape rides since it opened in 2012. Increasing numbers were using the path on the other side of Havelock Rd, Ms Bowers said, and she thought the new pathway would be just as popular.

"We have a target of having 20 per cent of short trips done by cycling or walking, and I think we're making reasonable progress to meet that target. The more safe cycling facilities we have the easier it is for people to contribute to the target we're trying to meet."


Families joined Ms Bowers and Mr Foss at the St Georges section of the pathway on Saturday morning - enjoying food from St Georges Restaurant, while kids played on a bouncy castle and music from Olivia Karlsson filled the air.

Cyclists then set off on the eight kilometre loop ride from St Georges Restaurant, following the Karamu Stream cycleway through the streets of Crosses Rd and St Georges Rd before returning to the restaurant. A shorter ride was also signposted for those with children who might not have been able to make the eight kilometres.