Public consultations are set to go ahead on the now $36 million buy-in to the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme.

After some fiery calls across the council chamber - from both the councillors and members of the public gallery at a meeting today - it was decided 5-1 that consultations will go ahead.

The consultations will be on the 'in principle' decision to enter into a 35 year water user contract with the Ruataniwha Water Ltd partnership, to be open to a special consultative process through an amendment to the council's long term plan 2015-2025.

During the meeting the actual buy-in amount was once again addressed with the figure of $36 million settled on.


Councillor Christine Scott made one amendment before the final vote to the recommendations put forward by council staff.

That was to have a publically excluded workshop with the Hawke's Bay Regional Investment Company to brief council on the projected distributions and the cash flows over time with increase of uptake from the Ruatanawha Ltd Water partnership.

Councillors who voted for the public consultations were Fenton Wilson, Debbie Hewitt, Christine Scott, Dave Pipe and Alan Dick. Tom Belford voted against it and Rex Graham abstained.

Councillors Rick Barker and Peter Beaven were absent from the meeting.

Council will receive public consultation documents in two weeks time with the consultations themselves set to go ahead in May.

More to come.