Catherine Stoney's dream wedding has been crushed after her car was gutted of its possessions, including her engagement ring.

The 20-year-old Salvation Army worker was enjoying a dip at Ocean Beach with her fiance and friends on Sunday afternoon.

When they returned to their car at about 5pm, they saw the window smashed and the car's contents gone.

Among the stolen items were three surfboards, four Iphones, an engagement ring, wallets, a bag of clothes, three Gopros, roof racks, oil skins, diving gear and a wedding band.


Ms Stoney said she estimates the value of everything to be at least $6000.

"Even our half drunken E2 was taken, they must have been pretty desperate." Ms Stoney said she is deeply upset by the incident and was up late Sunday night vomiting.

"We are so upset, I worked so hard to save up all my money and buy my partner a surfboard just like he did to buy me a ring."

The couple's plans have now been thrown into disarray. "We wanted to buy a house and get married next year but now we have to spend our money on other things," she said.

She had been to Ocean Beach almost every weekend this summer without incident. The group were down the northern end of the beach. "When we pulled up we saw a dodgy looking truck but just didn't really think much of it."

It was an "old and rusty" white Mitsubishi flat deck well side 4x4. She said the offender left a Warriors bucket hat, which she hoped someone would recognise and notify police.