The Napier seafront viewing platform was open, right to the end, for people visiting the foreshore yesterday.

A replacement set of reinforced glass panels, topped with a tough aluminium strip across the top and anchored to a bolted aluminum base, was put back in place by council crews late yesterday.

Mayor Bill Dalton said there was a determination to get the viewing platform open as quickly as possible again after a vandal attack overnight Wednesday and Thursday.

The glass screen had been smashed by rocks being thrown at it.


Two of the poles supporting the unique roofing section have also been targeted by vandals.

The words "Nathan + Jess" and "carios.k.w" have been deeply carved into the white-coated poles.

The last 5m of the platform had been barricaded off but they came down early yesterday after the replacement panels were put in place.

While council staff were unable to be contacted about the work yesterday it appears the screen may be a temporary fix, as two of the panels have a green tint to them and the third is clear.