Napier's seafront viewing platform which has been open just three months has been left damaged and partially closed off after vandals set to it with a barrage of rocks overnight.

The damage was reported at first light this morning and council staff set up a barrier across the entrance as the whole glass end wall had been smashed away.

They also found nearby Pania had also been targeted by vandals with a smashed pumpkin left sitting on the statue's head.

There was no damage however, although the platform had not got off so lightly."This is just appalling," Napier Mayor Bill Dalton said.


"We try so hard to make the city look great for both locals and visitors and you get something like this happening - absolutely mindless vandals."

Mr Dalton said the repair job would be fast-tracked however - "we don't give in to these sort of louts".

The glass barrier had allowed visitors to the platform an uninterrupted view out to sea and it had proved increasingly popular, despite earlier criticism that it did not extend out to sea far enough.

It was highly strengthened glass which Mt Dalton said would have required a lot of force to break.

It appeared the culprits had stood on the seaward side and used rocks from the shoreline.
As one maintenance staffer said - "you throw enough rocks at it and it'll break in the end."

Rocks could be seen strewn across the end of the platform.

The cost of the damage was still being assessed.