Last week brought the announcement of the Dannevirke High School prefects for 2016.

As always, it took a long process to choose the final 14 students.

This involved documentation of intent, speeches to the whole school, academic records, attendance records, interaction levels with other students, deliberations and more.

On Wednesday the prefects were taken on a journey to learn what leadership is all about.


They talked about different leadership styles and expectations and focused on the individual and how a leader must first be able to lead him or herself before they can lead others.

They explored how they are going to work together as a group through determining their own portfolios for the year.

English teacher Chrissina Loader also took them through a concise and practical session of public speaking. We were all impressed.

The day was crowned with the Blazer Ceremony.

This is a short, but powerful event that is slowly, but surely becoming part of tradition here at Dannevirke High School.

- The 2016 Dannevirke High school prefects were announced at the assembly last week.
Head and deputy head students:

* Seamus Molloy: administration and MacDonald House prefect.

* Katelyn Herbert: administration prefect.

* Shaun Newell: external community prefect.

* Opal Jeffery: Paulsen House prefect.


* Jack Borrie: Simmers House prefect.

* Blake Dine: visual arts/media prefect.

* Tara Dornbusch: internal communication prefect.

* Jody Ferrick: whnau prefect.

* Jeff Gatchell: environment prefect.

* Elijah Graham: performing arts prefect.

* Tayla Jones: cultural prefect.

* Caroline Lund: Grant House prefect.

* Robyn Poole: sports prefect.

* Cameron Trigg: technology prefect.