How many cops does it take to open a blender?

Two, as it turns out - and a pair of leather gloves.

A woman entered Hastings police station with a bullet yesterday - but it was a Nutri-bullet. She was unable to open the blender and was missing her morning smoothie.

Two Hastings constables then undertook one of the more unusual tasks of their careers, to help get the woman get her smoothie fix.


First one constable, then another, tried to remove the flask from the motor section. One held the bottom while another twisted the top - but even this concentration of massed muscle power failed to budge the blender.

Eventually one of the duo donned his leather gloves and, with the extra grip, the pair were able to free the smoothie.

"Without doubt, it was one of the most bizarre situations we have encountered," police said.

The relieved lady trotted off home with her smoothie in tow.

"It's amazing what we get asked to do," the officer said.