The Napier Community High School is a great example of secondary schools working together to help the city's youth, a local principal says.

The recently refurbished school was reopened last night with Napier mayor Bill Dalton, board members and school representatives in attendance.

The school's buildings were demolished last year because of earthquake issues. The new school was crafted from parts of other schools.

The school, which takes students in need of a break from mainstream schools, was a perfect example of schools working together for the community, Tamatea High School principal Robin Fabish said.


The reopening was Ross Brown's final formal duty as the outgoing headmaster of Napier Boys' High School.

The school was an important resource for all the secondary schools of Napier, Mr Brown said.

All of the schools in the city from time to time have students who are struggling to settle into their learning because of behavioural issues.

The school, directed by Sharon Dudding, had a nominal roll of 20 and took students from Year 9 to 11.

Ms Dudding said most students only needed to stay a couple of terms before returning to mainstream schooling.

As well as an emphasis on literacy and numeracy, the school's two teachers and student manager help students develop better social and behavioural skills.

William Colenso College principal Daniel Murfitt said the community high school was an important option for all of the schools to use to support the students in the Napier community who were finding it difficult to settle into their learning.

Mr Brown had managed the community school on behalf of the Napier secondary schools.

The community high school is a calm and structured environment with low numbers that supports students to develop the habits that they need before transitioning back to their parent school, Mr Brown said.

Mr Fabish said Mr Brown has done a fantastic job with the school. At the opening, he welcomed Matthew Bertram, the newly appointed headmaster of Napier Boys' High school.

Mr Fabish said that the principals of the Napier secondary schools enjoy strong friendships and they were looking forward to working with Mr Bertram.

"At the end of the day we all want the same thing. We want confident, capable, well-adjusted young people who can contribute positively to our society."