A pensioner who had his neighbour's 65 trees hacked down is yet to make his first payment towards $26,000 reparation, despite the due date having expired.

Judge Geoff Rea called Timothy John Tasker into the Hastings District Court this week to remind him he still had to pay the money that he had been ordered to by the end of 2015 when he was convicted and sentenced on May 8, 2014.

The 81-year-old had 65 trees, including pohutukawa, cut down so he could view the ocean from his Whangaehu Beach property, south of Porangahau.

Tasker first purchased the property in 2006 and had a "beautiful view of the sea" where he could see his grandchildren and family while they swam at the beach, court documents state.


His neighbour planted trees along the adjoining property and Mr Tasker's view to the beach became obscured.

Judge Rea told the Flaxmere resident he had asked him to attend court to remind him he still needed to pay the money.

Tasker told the judge: "Your honour the only way of getting that kind of money is to sell the house and the property has been on the market for the last year."

Judge Rea told him he had seen some material that showed Tasker "getting stuck into" people. He told Tasker that if he did not begin paying then "other options" would be looked at.

Tasker told Hawke's Bay Today he had sought advice from a number of different sources, including the Law Society.

"Nobody cares though, no one will do anything about it, the only person left to speak to is John Key, and he won't care."

Despite pleading guilty to the offence in 2014, Tasker now claims his innocence.

"You know the story, blame the other fulla, well I'm taking the blame, being noble is illegal in this country though."

Tasker was now writing a book about views from homes.

This would be the retired builder's 26th book.

"I write about what challenges me, and this will challenge me to my last breath.

"I will meet my obligation and that will be that."