Practising what you preach takes on new meaning for husband and wife duo Henare and Kate O'Brien.

The pair have overcome adversity to help others live a more fulfilled life - free from their own limitations.

Born and raised in Flaxmere, both experienced struggles early on, growing up in a challenging environment, just doors apart though they didn't meet until their mid-20s.

A Hawke's Bay basketballer, Henare appeared to be reaping all the benefits of success - but beneath the facade was a deeply troubled individual.


He fought bulimia for 8 years along with depression and anxiety; meanwhile Kate battled anorexia and depression - after coming together they focussed on the onwards and upwards.

Kate became a nurse and created an acclaimed national training programme, which was nominated for a health award.

Despite those outward achievements, the O'Briens found themselves unable to shake the feeling something important was missing.

"We've done the hard yards in our own growth," Kate said.

"To get to where we are now, we've invested a lot of time, money and energy to shift ourselves into a place where our lives are thriving beyond what we could have imagined."

They decided to push themselves to find out what the missing elements were in their own lives, and have studied abroad with many self-development and marketing masters. Taking elements from those who had mastered the art of inner and outer success allowed them to come up with their own formula, so they could look back at life with no regrets and help others do the same.

A Hawke's Bay two-day GameChanger workshop next weekend focuses on encouraging others to find their inner passion, dissolve barriers and hold them accountable as they start their journeys.

It's for anyone whose "tolerating" life, others who may be searching for something more and even those who feel alone or without purpose.


They encourage people to ask themselves for honest answers - whether they back themselves 100 per cent? If they're excited and uplifted or just going through the motions?

Are they saying yes to the things they love and no to things that make them feel obligated, finally, and importantly if they back themselves each and every day? Their answer: "Dissolve the stuff that's been keeping you stuck at 'good' and cause a massive shift in your life towards 'extraordinary'."

With the O'Briens now based overseas, this may be the last opportunity people have to see them speak in New Zealand.

Today, they run one of NZ's most successful personal development businesses praised for their "authentically real" coaching programmes. They collaborate with some of the most famous names in the world with their annual CreateYourSelf Global Summit.

"Just come and see it for yourself ... we have a lot of people from all walks of life who come along and get amazing breakthroughs in areas of life that truly matter to them."