During the course of the build-up to the biggest game in town I ventured down to Hawke's Bay Rugby HQ at McLean Park on a couple of occasions to check a a few story-gathering things out.

Upon entering the main doors I immediately felt a little guilty.

The occupants very clearly had plenty of work on their hands.

There were two vans and a truck outside and equipment was being unloaded.


Inside, one of the chaps I was hoping to catch up with, the local union's commercial manager Jay Campbell was not walking briskly from one meeting to another ... he was pretty well dashing.

But he made some time for another request from the ever-hovering media.

As did the toiling staff manning the front of house - the reception.

I daresay the coffee breaks these folks were able to embrace (if at all) were "on the run" jobs.

Yet they made time for everyone who approached and believe me, there were a lot of people approaching.

And that was just Thursday ... two days to go.

This test match between the All Blacks and Argentina is as operationally complex and challenging as anything could be.

It has been a massive undertaking by the local crews and the army which drives the national team.

There has to be constant liaison between everyone.

Near enough is not good enough.

I remember once organising an outing for about six kids ... it was a logistics nightmare.

Managing the requirements of the great contingents of people who drive the two teams?

Can't even contemplate it.

The hours that so many people have put in to create a match that the spectators simply just have to turn up for and enjoy have been huge.

To take a leaf from Winston Churchill, in his reference to the work of the RAF during the Battle of Britain, and in recognising the remarkable and stoically unfazed efforts of all those driving the great test, I feel obliged to note that for the rugby-loving people of the Bay - "never have relatively so few done so much for so many".

To all involved at every level of planning and operations - brilliant job.

Well done.