Fertiliser company Ravensdown has conducted a nationwide review of safety procedures and where necessary remedied issues raised in the aftermath of an accident which cost a Napier man part of a finger last year.

The steps were confirmed yesterday by company representatives, unable to be contacted on Friday after the company was fined $33,000 and ordered to pay reparation of $5000 for failing to take all practicable steps to protect the safety of its employee.

The company, pleased that injured experienced storeman Jackson Hawea was able to return to work at its packing plant in Severn St, Pandora, little over a month after the November 7 incident, says it has "updated guarding on all fixed machinery, refined standard operating procedures and developed more specific training covering different areas with the national stores and works network."

The tripper machine where Mr Hawea was injured has been fitted with extensive guarding which prevents people from accessing moving parts.


Also implemented is a "lock-out process" which prevents the specific tool required for removing the guarding from being accessed without written permission from the store manager.

"We are pleased that not only has Jackson made a full recovery but that he remains with us today," the company said.

"We take health and safety seriously and fully accept the findings of Worksafe NZ's investigation," it said.

"Every Ravensdown employee should return home safely after a day's work and we deeply regret what happened to Jackson.

"We are delighted to have staff of his calibre on our team and are committed to comprehensive health and safety programmes to keep them, safe."