A political party formed in Hawke's Bay to challenge what it called race-based privileges in law and local government policy is in disarray after the resignation of all five members of its newly-elected board.

The resignations from the 1Law4All party leadership were revealed yesterday in an email to members from the board, including founding president Tom Johnson, of Napier, citing a split over whether the party should contest the election or not, and ensuing issues over a party database and website managed by one of the board.

Comprising previous financial and active members of Act, Green, Labour, Libertarianz, National and other parties, its registration as a political party was challenged by the Maori Party, but was approved by the Electoral Commission last month. Soon afterwards, Mr Johnson told Hawke's Bay Today it did not have the time nor resources to contest the September 20 general election, but was pleased other parties seemed to be taking aboard its concerns raised.

"It was our view that the only thing that will cause the tide to turn on ethnic and separatist agendas is the building of such a groundswell of popular support for our concerns that the two major parties see real electoral danger in ignoring our concerns," he said in yesterday's email. The party was formed in August last year, with what it said was "a steering committee of concerned citizens who see no end to the Government's granting ever more superior rights, and special funding to part-Maori, based on their race".


Mr Johnson and the rest of the board were elected in April. Vice-president Perry Spiller, of Fernhill, resigned last month, and Mr Johnson and the remaining three have now resigned.