Thanks to the generosity of the Hawke's Bay community, Fluffy the cat will get the care and attention he needs.

In Monday's paper we ran a story about Amber McDougal and her cat, Fluffy.

The cat suffered burns to its eyes, ear and all four paws when the family home caught fire in the middle of the night.

The poor cat was found four days later huddled under the porch in so much pain it couldn't walk.


CareVet launched an appeal to help pay for the animal's vet bills and within hours of the paper hitting the street enough money had been donated to cover the costs.

Yesterday CareVet said they had been inundated with being phoning and calling in offering money. "There is ample money to cover all Fluffy's bills," they said,

"Fluffy is doing well and getting better, but still has a long way to go."

Good on you Hawke's Bay. Fluffy deserves some help after his terrifying ordeal.

It's hard to put a price on a pet's life. Vet care doesn't come cheap.

Some people would pay anything to save their cat or dog.

How much would you spend?

One has to be practical about it. It's a factor that should be taken into account when deciding on getting a pet.


For the McDougal family, who are homeless at the moment, a vet bill is the last think they need to be worrying about.

Our community is so generous. Whenever a call goes out for help it is answered. It really does restore your faith in mankind. Good on all you people who helped Fluffy.

I'm hopeful, thanks to your generosity he will make a full recovery and with Amber looking out for him he will be just fine.