A Hastings man found guilty last month of using his wife as a sex slave was sentenced to nine years in prison today.

The man was found guilty by a jury at Napier District Court on multiple counts of rape, assault and threatening to kill for a series of attacks against his wife in 2012.

Judge Tony Adeane said during sentencing today that the man breached the "trust that is implicit in all marriages".

He was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for the multiple counts of rape, nine months for assault and one year for threatening to kill his wife.


He cannot be named in order to protect the identity of his victim, who came to New Zealand following an arranged marriage.

The jury found the man guilty on eight charges and not guilty on one charge. It was hung on a further eight charges.

The man kept his wife in fear by using a 45cm-long knife, kept by their bed, to intimidate and frighten the woman into having sex, while physically abusing and threatening to kill her.

When police attended a domestic violence incident at the couple's home on Boxing Day, 2012, the woman confessed she was being raped and beaten.

Hastings police Detective Rob Parker said at the time the attacks showed domestic violence and severe abuse "exists in all facets of society, it doesn't matter the culture or the demographic".

During the trial the court heard how divorce in an arranged marriage was something not "done lightly".

Following last month's verdict police also praised the brave woman after she broke away from her arranged marriage to tell authorities about her husband's recurring sexual attacks.