Next year's ICC Cricket World Cup will rely on more than 4000 volunteers across New Zealand and Australia, 250 for Napier's three matches and one Havelock North resident.

"In December and January they started calling for volunteers to apply," Village sports nut Andrew Holtham said. "As soon as the opportunity came to be part of this, I thought 'fantastic'."

The 20-year veteran rugby referee and member of the Celtic Cricket Club fourth grade team, which he added are in the final this Saturday, realised he had a chance to be an integral part of two of the world's biggest sporting events.

The 35-year-old was a volunteer during the New Zealand's 2011 IRB Rugby World Cup, working for the sports presentation team, where he helped to run pre- match entertainment, halftime events, the choir, flag bearers and anything that went on the big screen.


"It was a fantastic experience and I really hope I get to do a similar role with the cricket. I've always wanted to get involved and do something with the media and I get to watch the games as well," he joked.

New Zealand Cricket cricket operations manager Gavin Larsen said 250 volunteers will be required to attend the three matches Napier will host in March next year.

He added 4000 volunteers will be needed across all the New Zealand and Australian venues. Interviews to confirm the volunteers will take place in May.

"The great thing about the Rugby World Cup was there was no age limit," Mr Holthlam said. "We had guys who were retired out on the street telling people where to go, they all love it because you're apart of the big event."

The life-long Black Caps fan was anxiously awaiting the start of the tournament and the atmosphere the matches and travelling fans will bring to Hawke's Bay.

People can apply to become a World Cup volunteer at cricketworldcup.comvolunteers