The date for the 2014 Mission Estate Winery Concert is expected to be announced by tomorrow - although the mystery of who will headline the big show remains just that.

There had been growing rumours that American country singer/songwriter Dolly Parton would be the star as she will be embarking on a six-concert tour of Australia next February - which fits the timeframe.

However, the timing would have been tight as the only gap in the schedule would have been between shows in Brisbane on Friday, February 21, and Tuesday, February 25, so to meet the Saturday Mission spot she would have to fly to Hawke's Bay on the day of the concert if it were to be Saturday, February 22.

Her just-announced Australian tour sparked several calls to Hawke's Bay Today from people asking if Parton was on the cards.


So that was put to Sport and Entertainment Ltd's (SEL) operations manager Garry Craft and his answer was a simple one.

"No, it is not Dolly," he said. "She's not doing New Zealand."

Although last night Parton confirmed she will be in New Zealand in February.

One thing Mr Craft did say was that negotiations with the artist and management were wrapping up and a date for the concert could be announced as early as today, but more likely tomorrow.

"It's getting close," Mr Craft said.

The rumour mill had also come up with a variety of performers from Bryan Ferry and Annie Lennox to Cher and Neil Diamond.

Mr Craft said he had been hard out working "every day" on getting the main attraction sorted, and was not about to let the cat out of the bag at this stage.

"Let me say this though - this one could be a bit of a surprise."

While people had sent texts or gone online to vent their frustration at the time it was taking to reveal all, Mr Craft said they were not overly late coming forward with the information.

"Somebody counted up the other day that six out of the last 10 concerts had been announced in October and there were even a couple in November.

"It just takes a little bit longer some years."