Annette Brosnan believes she could be the youngest person contesting Hawke's Bay's council elections this year - and she's wasted no time kick-starting her campaign by door-knocking 365 homes in just five days.

Mrs Brosnan, 25, hopes to be elected for the Onekawa/Tamatea ward for the Napier City Council when people cast their votes in October.

The young woman grew up in Tamatea and attended school in Napier. She graduated from EIT in 2008 with a Bachelor of Business Studies, double majoring in management and marketing and had worked at the Hawke's Bay Regional Council for the past five years.

Her research suggests she is the youngest candidate contesting the council elections, although the nomination deadline does not close until August 16.


Mrs Brosnan believed the best way to meet people was face to face and last week she began knocking on the doors of voters. She aimed to introduce herself to each of the 4400 households in the ward.

"I have got five phases in my campaign and the first one is being able to get around 788 homes in my ward, and so far I have door-knocked 365.

"The feedback I have had so far is fantastic. People say it's lovely to put a face to the name and they are happy that I am a local girl."

Amalgamation was one of the major issues people raised with the first-time candidate.

"I am against amalgamation but I think it is something every person in Napier will have to make their own mind up about. I think Napier has forged its own identity and for me, I don't see any value added in amalgamation.

"I have not met one person, since I've been out door-knocking, who wants amalgamation."

Most of the people she had met were from the senior generation, although she hoped her age would encourage more young people to vote as well.

"I am definitely connecting with younger people. In my ward there are lots of single mums and first-home buyers. People like what the council is doing at the moment, there's a lot of positive comments.


"I am not running because everything is wrong and I will fix it but I believe I can add value and want to be part of the city's future, for my own family and everyone else."

Building safe family communities, supporting business development and promoting sustainable development policies were the areas she was keen to work in.

"I passionately believe that having a mix of demographics on council is positive for the city. I think my youth, drive and future-led vision will be a constructive addition to Napier's representation."

Her campaign slogan is "Our Neighbourhood, Our Voice" and she has a Facebook page, Annette 4 Napier.