Napier locals and tourists could see the city up in lights if a proposed art project goes ahead.
Napier Inner City Marketing manager Meg Rodel said a permanent projection art installation would enhance and enrich the city.
"The city really does die at night and we want to change that. We can give people a reason to linger longer."
She spoke to Napier City Council about funding the project as part of its annual plan hearings. The display would be pictures or lights projected onto buildings around the city, with the cathedral as a starting place.
Pictures of pre-earthquake Napier, the results of the quake and the rebuild could be included to show visitors the city's history.
An estimated $263,000 would fund a semi-permanent installation on the Hastings Street side of the cathedral.
The installation was at the "forefront of international trends" and would give Napier a point of difference, the organisation's submission said.
"If we do this we need to do it well the first time," she said. "The cathedral is a wonderful canvas to work with and the art will tell Napier's unique story."
Digitally altered images of the Rothmans Building and storage tanks at the port showed the potential for the project to decorate buildings around the city. It would be ideal to have the project up and running by the Rugby World Cup, Ms Rodel said.
Napier staff responses to the submission said the council supported the project, which would increase the number of things to do and see in the city. Staff were concerned the council would become the prime funder of the installation in the future.
Ms Rodel said the organisation was hoping the council would fund the initial project in its entirety because further funding would be easier to get after the installation started.
Councillors were impressed by a video of a similar project in Ukraine and would deliberate about the proposal today.
They would confirm their decision on June 15.