Having a chef lovingly prepare a gourmet meal is the reason people go out to eat.
Stepping outside your culinary comfort zone and being able to taste foods which are not easily accessible to the everyday cook is all part of the experience of dining out.
The Heilala Vanilla Outstanding Chef category in the Hawke's Bay Hospitality Awards brings some of the Bay's best chefs out of the kitchen and into the spotlight.
Andy Glover, from Mission Restaurant, Pacifica's Jeremy Rameka, James Beck from Taste Cornucopia and Leyton Ashley from Terroir at Craggy Range are the finalists.
Mr Glover loves to make a variety of different dishes at work, but when it comes to cooking at home, he's a big fan of the basics.
"It's got to be a good roast - we spike the lamb with rosemary and garlic, just to keep it simple and let the flavour of the meat come through."
Working with a team and tackling different tasks every day ensures his job is never dull.
"I love the variety; no two days are the same - working with an awesome team in the kitchen makes me enjoy coming to work every day."
James Beck's menu is fairly simple, but he uses seasonal ingredients to create new combinations and keep things interesting.
One of his favourite dishes to cook is crispy pork belly, which recently featured in Cuisine magazine.
"At the moment the pork is served with roast beets, feijoas and quince paste - it has a great melt-in-your-mouth texture.
"As a chef, using fresh ingredients to make something that tastes good while also making sure it is healthy and looks good is important."
Teamwork and using quality local produce is what inspires Leyton Ashley.
"Working with a team and producing good food is what gets you out of bed.
"I love playing with Firstlight venison at the moment.
"Making the most of our garden here and pairing it with local produce, like venison with fresh artichokes, is great."
Jeremy Rameka has worked to create a menu filled with small, delicate dishes which are cooked to perfection, but there is no one dish he enjoys making more than another.
"I don't believe in signature dishes. There is no one dish, in my eyes, that can define any one person's cooking."
The best part of the job is having creative license and being able to play with food.
"Having my own place means I have the freedom to do what I want to do."