Civil Defence Minister John Carter has extended the state of national emergency for seven more days in the aftermath of the deadly 6.3-magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch on February 22.
The state of national emergency in New Zealand was declared on February 23.
Under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 a state of national emergency can be declared for a maximum of seven days at a time only. It was first extended on March 1, then March 7, March 13 and today.
It was expected to continue for several more weeks, Mr Carter said.
``The declaration of the state of national emergency ensures the maximum possible co-ordination and co-operation between central and local resources in response to this disaster,'' Mr Carter said.
``Continuing this declaration means the national controller remains in control of the functions, duties, and powers of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group and group controller. He works in consultation with central government and local authorities, including the Mayor, on this massive recovery operation.''
Mr Carter said there was still considerable work to be done before the state of national emergency could be lifted and recovery work passed on to the appropriate agency or agencies.