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A self described "friend of Marineland" is pushing for the dolphins to be replaced with giant pandas and for Marineland to become "Pandaland".
Max Patmoy, of the Ahuriri Rotary Club, believes the rundown Marineland would be the perfect home for the Chinese giant panda.
With Auckland and Wellington "not jumping for joy" at the panda possibility, it's the perfect time for Napier to offer a home to the bears, said Mr Patmoy.
The idea is being brought to the attention of Napier City Council by Mayor Barbara Arnott at a meeting tomorrow and supported by local MP Chris Tremain.
Mr Patmoy said adopting the pandas would reinvigorate Marine Parade and the redevelopment would pay for itself with the number of tourists coming to see the endangered bears.
Funding for the project could come from a trust, which the public could donate money to and would be repaid, without interest, from the profits generated by tourists to Pandaland. "John Key thought the idea up and approached Auckland and Wellington zoo," said Mr Patmoy.
 "I thought Napier could throw their cap in the ring."
He said the site could be changed to accommodate the bears and the theme of Marineland changed to include a Chinese tea house, sunken gardens and a bamboo plantation.
Napier MP Mr Tremain said he would be bringing up the possibility with Mr Key.
"A bid from Napier would need to overcome some major hurdles.
"This aside, I think it is an idea worth pursuing in the first instance and I will be talking to the PM to understand his plans and to ascertain whether Napier would have a realistic chance if it entered a bid process."
 Mrs Arnott said that while having Pandas living in Marineland "would be a cool thing" the decision will come down to the Chinese. "Clearly China has an idea where they want the pandas to go - we have a good relationship with China so we will just have to see."