New island, new school, new job. It's been a big month in the life of Iona College's new principal Pauline Duthie Mrs Duthie took up the ropes at the beginning of term two, replacing Gilian Melville who retired after 12 years at the college.
South Island born and bred, the move north had been "quite a large one" for her as well as husband Craig, son Drew, 12, and daughter Ellie, 9.
"The move means adjustments for everyone, not just me," she said.
"I might be a principal but I'm also a parent and I have to make sure they are settled."
Although the role of principal is new for Mrs Duthie, she has had considerable leadership experience.
After graduating from Christchurch Teachers' College in 1986, she taught at Burnside High School in Christchurch for 11 years, progressing to head of English and then dean.
She spent a year at Queen's High School in Dunedin before being appointed head of English at St Hilda's Collegiate School in Christchurch, where she was later promoted to assistant principal.
Mrs Duthie, 45, said it was Iona's special character that appealed.
"It has the five elements that I consider absolutely important in education - academic, sporting, cultural, pastoral care and, of course, the spiritual.
"I think that gives you an excellent base from which to work, and to start a good life too," she said.
She described her leadership style as collegial, saying few decisions ever needed to be made immediately.
"I like to consult with my colleagues and make sure the approach we take is the best one for Iona."
Mrs Duthie, who will live on site, was looking forward to familiarising herself with the Bay after putting in 12-hour days getting to know the school's systems, staff and students.
"I need to spend time looking, listening and learning, just like the girls coming to this school," she said.