Radio Hauraki is back on air in Hawke's Bay on 96.7 FM

To help celebrate, Radio Hauraki hosts and Alternative Commentary Collective (ACC) team are at the Clifton County Cricket Club this Friday.

The team will play a Twenty20 cricket match at the acclaimed private venue on Friday and will feature Jeremy Wells, Hamish Marshall, Matt Heath, Leigh Hart and local lads Sam Howard and NZME general manager Glen Smith.

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They'll square off against the Dulux Trade XI consisting of Dulux Trade customers.

Post-match the Hauraki and Alternative Commentary Collective team will head to McLean Park where they will broadcast commentary of the England v Black Caps T20 match across iHeart Radio and Radio Hauraki nationwide.

We caught up with Radio Hauraki breakfast co-host Matt Heath ahead of the game.

We hear you are playing in Friday's match in Hawke's Bay at Clifton Cricket Club along with your breakfast co-host Jeremy Wells and Alternative Commentary Collective commentator Leigh Hart.

How the hell did Leigh Hart dismiss Black Cap Martin Guptill, as he claims?

Leigh was at the Hauraki Christmas party for several hours before he bowled that super over at Guppy. He had Christmas Party confidence flowing through his veins.

Strangled the big man down the leg side. It was one of the great incredibly steamed underdog stories of all time.

Leigh Hart strangled Black Cap Martin Guptill down the leg side, according to Matt Heath.
Leigh Hart strangled Black Cap Martin Guptill down the leg side, according to Matt Heath.

What are Hart's and Wells' respective cricketing talents and if you were sledging them, what would you say?


They are both amazing players. They train constantly.

They both really, really rate themselves. It was just bad luck and timing that they didn't make the Black Caps.

They totally won't completely humiliate themselves like a couple of absolute punishing muppets at the Clifton Cricket Club on November 8.

Is it true your former band Deja Voodoo wanted to reform to support Elton John at the Mission next year?

Yeah, big opportunity missed there from Elton. We were keen.

But apparently he wanted someone good so it didn't work out. Deja Voodoo had a lot of amazing times in Hawke's Bay.

I impregnated the bass player from Elemeno P when we open for them there in 2005. Our child is now 13. That's the kind of support we could have offered Elton if only he had given us a chance.

Re. your dog Colin - we're told there was an incident within NZME radio HQ during which he relieved himself in the vicinity of Flava HQ.

Given Hauraki has replaced Flava in Hawke's Bay, did you train Colin to do this - what happened?

Yeah, my dog Colin never really got over us shutting down in the Hawkes Bay. When he saw the Flava logo he just let rip.

They were lucky he didn't lay a dog's egg over there. Now we are back on the air, he is unlikely to soil their office again. Unless he feels like it.

You're a fan of the buttery chards - no shortage in Hawke's Bay - anything in particular you will be checking out when you are down here?
Hawke's Bay also has some good record stores if you have time to poke around.

I used to work with the guy who owns that record store. So I'll probably smash some buttery chards and smash some vinyl with him in store pre-game.

Jeremy Wells won't humiliate himself like a
Jeremy Wells won't humiliate himself like a "punishing muppet" in Hawke's Bay on Friday, says Matt Heath.

Apart from the odd sewage issue, the Hawke's Bay is the best this country has to offer.

Beautiful beaches, buildings and babes. We are so happy to be back. If I had my way we would do a (Paul) Holmes and move the whole operation down there.

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