A hearing is due to be held early in May, after Hastings District Council's consultation on changing the speed limits on several roads around the district.

A council spokesperson said the council received about 800 submissions on the review - more than 750 from the general public and about 30 from key stakeholders.

The review was requested by the public because of urban expansion and more driveways, as well as other road layout safety issues.

The proposals included lowering the speed limit from 70km/h to 50km/h on sections of Arataki Rd, Chatham Rd and Kirkwood Rd.


On Farndon Rd, St Georges Rd and York Rd, it was requested that the limit be dropped from 100km/h to 80km/h.

A similar review in 2013 and 2014 saw several roads' speed limits cut from 100km/h to 80km/h but there was public outcry over the lack of consultation and increased travel times that would result, which led to the return to the 100km/h limit for most roads.

An analysis of the submissions on this round of consultation had not yet been completed, but would come before a hearings committee in May, which would recommend a decision to the council that fit within NZTA road speed rules.

Although not included in this consultation, concerns remained about the section of highway between Clive and Awatoto, the scene of at least two accidents near Hohepa Homes over the past eight months.

Most recently two cars collided at the end of February, prompting calls by Hohepa Homes management, residents and associated family for the speed limit on that stretch of road to be reduced from 100km/h.

Clive Community Group co-ordinator Andrew Clibborn said meetings had taken place with NZTA about the situation last year.

"NZTA undertook to have their report findings by the end of summer but we have not had an update yet."

He said the situation throughout Clive had become worse in recent years with new subdivisions, and more recently increased traffic possibly avoiding roadworks at the Links Rd intersection.

Hastings District councillor Ann Redstone said she also met with NZTA last year to discuss residents' concerns about various intersections, mainly along the Clive to Awatoto corridor.

"There are a number of roads intersecting with the main highway in that area which have very high traffic flow at peak times, which causes traffic to back up and people can be tempted to take risks."

She said the main hot spots identified were the Mill Rd, Farndon Rd and School Rd intersections.

"NZTA was very helpful and I understand a comprehensive study will be undertaken from Watchman Rd to Clive to gauge the issues and how they can be addressed in order to increase road safety."

NZTA regional transport systems manager Wayne Oldfield said the study was well under way and set to be completed by the end of April.

"We will then meet with the Clive community residents group and Hohepa shortly after to discuss the future options."