The voters have spoken and National MP for Hamilton West Tim Macindoe is reluctantly accepting their verdict – his beard has got to go.

Macindoe returned from his summer holiday with a fresh crop of whiskers, and his altered appearance has attracted plenty of comment and comparisons, much of it unflattering.

"Apart from Santa, I've been likened to Kenny Rogers, Ernest Hemingway, Gandalf, Robinson Crusoe and Captain Haddock," said Macindoe.

"But when Martin Gallagher called me Jeremy Corbyn (Britain's Labour Party leader) I knew the writing was on the wall."


He admits his immediate family have been particularly unenthusiastic, as has Hamilton Mayor Paula Southgate.

So, next week the beard will go as a fundraiser for Hamilton's McKenzie Centre, which provides services to children with special needs and their families in our region.

"I've always had a soft spot for the wonderful team at the McKenzie Centre and all they do to help some of our region's most deserving families," Macindoe said.

"They are looking to expand their capacity as there are several families currently on the waiting list who can't be assisted, and every donation will help to meet that need. I am aiming to raise at least $1000 for the cause."

Mayor Southgate will wield the razor at 1pm on Thursday at the McKenzie Centre's carpark on Hammond Street.

"I think I trust her with a blade on my throat," said Macindoe nervously. "Although I was perturbed to hear that she is a distant cousin of Sweeney Todd.

Fortunately we'll be less than a kilometre from the Emergency Department if she does yield to temptation."

Collectors with buckets will be at the event, to which everyone is invited, and donations may also be made directly to the McKenzie Centre's bank account.