Yearling angus steers were the hot item at yesterday's Stortford Lodge sale.

A pen of 258kg steers from Mount Erin Station in Middle Rd made $4.55/kg or $1180/head.

The yearling heifers were mostly crossbred but the best of them, a pen of 218kg angus-hereford cross made $3.17kg or $695/head.

The grass is growing and farmers are needing mouths to eat it.


In the sheep pens, a small yarding of store lambs continued to sell well.


Cattle — cows, calves at foot: B Baty, Tangoio, four ang, four calves, av weight, 676kg, 223c/kg, $1510/head.

Cows: Empty, W and D Hurring, Apley Rd, six here-fries, av weight, 538kg, 256c/kg, $1380/head; Wairua Dairies, Aorangi Rd, 10 fries, av weight, 503kg, 225c/kg, $1135/head.

Steers: 2yr, G Fox, Elsthorpe, 22 ang, av weight, 579kg, 345c/kg, $2005/head; L and S Symes, Mahia, 31 ang, av weight, 484kg, 361c/kg, $1750/head; 13 ang, av weight, 469kg, 351c/kg, $1650/head; Waipatiki Cattle Co, Waipatiki, 15 here-cross, av weight, 475kg, 307c/kg, $1460/head; Te Ngaio Farm, Porangahau, seven ang, av weight, 561kg, 329c/kg, $1850/head; B Simmons, Puketapu, six ang, av weight, 353kg, 274c/kg, $970/head; eight ang, av weight, 291c/kg, 308c/kg $900/head; N and M Sayers, Crownthorpe, five dairy-cross, av weight, 331kg, 193c/kg, $640/head; HJB Investments, Poukawa, five galloway, av weight, 478kg, 292c/kg, $1400/head. Yrling, Big Hill HB Ltd, Kereru, 30 ang, av weight, 364kg, 387c/kg, $1412/head; Mt Erin station, Middle Rd, 33 ang, av weight, 284kg 425c/kg, $1210/head; 33 ang and ang-here, av weight 258kg, 455c/kg, $1180/head; Maunganui Station, Te Pohue, 45 ang, av weight, 292c/kg, 418c/kg, $1225/head; Te Kawanata Farm, Elsthorpe, 20 ang, av weight, 347kg, 404c/kg, $1405/head; 17 ang, av weight, 285kg, 434c/kg, $1240/head; Riverbank Station, Rissington, 23 ang, av weight, 300kg, 435c/kg, $1305/head; Riversdale, Ongaonga, av weight, 279kg, 447c/kg, $1250/head; Pokopoko Station, Wairoa, 20imm-cross, av weight, 311kg, 428c/kg, $1332/head; 10 simm-cross, av weight, 276kg 408c/kg, $1128/head; R Holmes, Chatham Island, 21 sth dev, av weight, 261kg, 407c/kg, $1065/head; Wairunga Ltd, Maraetotara, 18 here-fries, av weight, 228kg, 367c/kg, $840/head; M Barrett, Glengarry Rd, five fries-cross, av weight, 255kg, 243c/kg, $620/head.

Bulls: 2yr, Ngahiri Farming, Kotemaori , 32 fries, av weight, 543kg, 318c/kg, $1730/head; Pourere Station, Pourere, 21 fries, av weight, 503kg, 339c/kg, $1710/head; 22 fries, av weight, 497kg, 345c/kg, $1720/head; Mangarouhi Farms, Farm Rd, eight here-fries, av weight, 450kg, 332c/kg, $1500/head. Yrling, McKenzie Agriculture, Tolaga Bay, 22 fries, av weight, 323kg 303c/kg, $980/head; Little Texas, Whirinaki, eight fries, av weight, 332kg, 286c/kg, $950/head.

Heifers: 2yr, Arataura Agriculture, Porangahau, 20 ang, av weight, 461kg, 338c/kg, $1560/head; Wedd Farming, Puketitiri, 22 here, av weight, 388kg, 328c/kg, $1275/head; P and S Steele, Nuhaka, 15 ang, av weight, 350kg, 316c/kg, $1110/head; eight charo-cross, av weight, 315kg, 296c/kg, $935/head; Pouhokio Station, Waimarama, eight sth dev, av weight, 496kg, 331c/kg, $1645/head; 27 ang, av weight, 305kg, 294c/kg, $900/head; P Meredith, Ongaonga, nine here-fries, av weight, 332kg, 295c/kg, $980/head. Yrling, Kerry Downs, Te Pohue, 14 here-fries, av weight, 271kg, 296c/kg, $805/head; Glenside P/ship, Crownthorpe, 10 ang-cross, av weight, 291kg, 299c/kg, $870/head; P and S Steele, Nuhaka, 14 ang-here, av weight, 218c/kg, 317c/kg, $695/head; Wairua Dairies, Aorangi Rd, 15 here-fries, av weight, 129kg, 424c/kg, $550/head;
Sheep — ewes, lambs at foot: Atawaiora, Puketapu, 25 ewes, 30 lambs, $129; N and M Sayers, Crownthorpe, 13 ewes, 16 lambs, $123.50; Maraenui Farm, Hales Rd, 24 ewes, 27 lambs, $105; 23 ewes, 30 lambs, $90; D and Y Monk, Pourere, eight ewes, 11 lambs, $107.50; G Harvey, Okawa, four ewes, seven lambs, $137; D Hale, Hales Rd, 16 ewes, 23 lambs, $95; Pukearoha Farm, Puketapu, 21 ewes, 21 b/f, $105.

Lambs: R and M Sherratt, Hatuma, 325 male, $182; 79 male, $170; Campden Farm, Glenross, 200 c/o, $174; B and E Tuanui, Whakapirau, 119 c/o, $184.50; Wainui Station, Mahia, 46 male, $161.50; 47 male, $150; 66 ewe, $143.50; 30 ewe, $129; C and M P/ship, Dartmoor, 38 m/s, $200.50.


Prime sale

Prices remained strong all round for a largely quality offering of sheep at Monday's sale.
Lambs in particular soared to $228 for the best males.

The ewe offering of about 550 head was of better quality than recent sales and the best of them made $231.

The cattle yarding of 39 head was of varying quality but was strong overall. A feature of the sale was a pen of 859kg hereford-friesian oxen which sold for good money.


Cattle — oxen: (Here-fries, ang, fries-cross, jersey-cross) Av weight, 360kg to 859kg, 224c/kg to 316.5c/kg, $806/head to $2720/head.

Heifers: (Ang, here-fries, fries-cross) Av weight, 350kg to 508kg, 251.5c/kg, to 295c/kg, $909/head to $1495/head.

Cows: (Crossbred) Av weight, 510kg, 603kg, 220c/kg, 231c/kg, $1122/head, $1392/head.

Sheep — ewes: Woolly, heavy, $205; good, $178; slipe, heavy, $223 to $231; good, $196; med, $149 to $170; light, $105 to $144; shorn, heavy, $222.

Lambs: Male, $133 to $228.50; b/f, $207, $221; ewe, $136 to $210.50; b/f, $187 to $215; m/s, $206.¦