The strong tone of the past few weeks continued in the store lamb sale at Stortford Lodge yesterday.

There were about 7000 lambs on offer to buyers from Hawke's Bay with at least one Waikato buyer.

The best lambs were on a par with or better than last week but the tone eased at the sale progressed.

A feature of the sale was the 1000 lambs from Lochinver Station on the Napier –Taupo road and 1200 from Tangihau Station, Rere.


In the cattle rostrum a yarding of about 1000 head sold steadily with traditional breed R2 steers making the best money. Some pens were passed in.


Cattle — cows: Vic, Bayview Station, Eskdale, nine m/a ang, av weight, 512kg, 198c/kg, $1015/head.

Steers: R2, Paige Hill, Puketitiri, 31 ang, av weight, 483kg, 299c/kg, $1445/head; Seaview Station, Patoka, 27 ang, av weight, 500kg, 293c/kg, $1464/head; 12 ang, av weight, 464kg, 305c/kg, $1420/head; Otoi Farming, Putere, 21 simm-cross, av weight, 469kg, 300c/kg, $1410/head; 14 simm-cross, av weight, 411kg, 297c/kg, $1225/head; Mesa Farm, Maraekakaho, 13 here-fries, av weight, 405kg, 256c/kg, $1040/head; eight here-fries, av weight, 372kg, 291c/kg, $1095/head; Whaitirinui Station, Raupunga, 14 ang, av weight, 432kg, 307c/kg, $1330/head; Kintail, Putorino, 15 ang and ang-here, av weight, 486kg, 288c/kg, $1400/head; 10 ang, av weight, 430kg, 287c/kg, $1235/head; Kaiara Enterprises, Chatham Island, six ang-here, av weight, 331kg, 266c/kg, $885/head. Wnr, T and E Riddell, Weber, 20 ang, av weight, 250kg, 352c/kg, $885/head; 23 ang, av weight, 214kg, 368c/kg, $790/head; six ang, av weight, 185kg, 337c/kg, $625/head; Glendale Station, Aropaoanui, 33 ang, av weight, 237kg, 351c/kg, $835/head; 30 ang, av weight, 220kg, 356c/kg, $785/head; 19 an g and ang-here, av weight, 204kg, 349c/kg, $715/head; Montdale, Glengarry, 17 crossbred, av weight, 300kg, 300c/kg, $902/head; five dev-cross, av weight, 255kg, 301c/kg, $768/head; Glenbogle P/ship, Wanstead, 18 here-cross, av weight, 222kg, 296c/kg, $750/head; nine here, av weight, 186kg, 308c/kg, $575/head; Kaiwaka Hawke's Bay, Kaiwaka, eight ang, av weight, 248kg, 326c/kg, $810/head; Whaitirinui Station, Raupunga, six ang, av weight, 219kg, 337c/kg, $740/head; Waikatipi, Chatham Island, nine here, av weight, 272kg, 307c/kg, $840/head; L Rereti, Chatham Island, five here-cross, av weight, 192kg, 202c/kg, $390/head.
Bulls: R2, K Foote, Tuai, 13 here, av weight, 392kg, 364c/kg, $1430/head; five here, av weight, 321kg, 333c/kg, $1070/head; 25 here, av weight, 397kg, 257c/kg, $1025/head; Waihau Farm, Waihau, 19 ang-here, av weight, 457kg, 257c/kg, $1175/head; J Kamo, Chatham Island, eight ang-cross, av weight, 298kg, 190c/kg, $570/head; Wharekauri, Chatham Island, six here-cross, av weight, 248kg, 165c/kg, $410/head; Inangatahi P/ship, Puketitiri, six 15mnth ang, av weight, 370kg, 333c/kg, $1110. Wnr, H and A McCallum, Taupo, 10 here, av weight, 278kg, 323c/kg, $900/head; Millstone P/ship, Waimarama, eight red dev, av weight, 177kg, 342c/kg, $605/head; Forsyth Enterprises, Elsthorpe, 11 ang, av weight, 244kg, 301c/kg, $735/head; nine ang, av weight, 192kg, 277c/kg, $535/head; G Buckley, Takapau, 25 fries, av weight, 174kg, 303c/kg, $530/head; L Rereti, Chatham Island, 15 here-cross, av weight, 208kg, 305c/kg, $635/head; five here-cross, av eight, 157kg, 305c/kg, $480/head; Parks Peak Station, Wakarara, 11 aut-born here, av weight, 120kg, 383c/kg, $460/head; six aut-born here, av weight, 100kg, 430c/kg, $430/head; Te Ngaio, Porangahau, six ang, av weight, 340kg, 272c/kg, $925/head.

Heifers: R2, Whaitirinui Station, Raupunga, nine ang, av weight, 393kg, 274c/kg, $1080/head; Parks Peak Station, Wakarara, 25 here, av weight, 304kg, 268c/kg, $815/head; 25 here, av weight, 282kg, 251c/kg, $710/head; 25 here, av weight, 260kg, 232c/kg, $605/head; B Farquharson, Glengarry, 15 here-fries, av weight, 381kg, 248c/kg, $950/head; eight here, av weight, 386kg, 271c/kg, $1050/head; five here-cross, av weight, 343kg, 242c/kg, $830/head. Wnr, H and A McCallum, 21 ang, av weight, 237kg, 288c/kg, $685/head; Springhill Dairies, Wakarara, 11 here-cross, av weight, 105kg 207c/kg, $220/head; 18 here-cross, av weight, 121kg, 172c/kg, $210/head; 20 crossbred, av weight, 128kg, 233c/kg, $300/head; 21 here-cross, av weight, 119kg, 176c/kg, $210/head; Millstone P/ship, Waimarama, 10 red dev, av weight, 170kg, 297c/kg, $505/head; L Rereti, Chatham Island, five here-cross, av weight, 244kg, 229c/kg, $560/head;

Sheep — ewes: Parkwith Farm, Ruakituri, 72 2ths rwr, $145; L McKenna, Poraite, eight m/a rom, rwr, $125; K Mitchell, Te Pohue, 12 m/a, rwr, $122.50.

Lambs: Corson Farming, Kereru, 207 c/o, $142; 131 ram, $137.50; Tangihau Station, Rere, 260 ram, $148.50; 394 ram, $143; 234 ram, $129; 127 b/f ewe, $117.50; 68 b/f ewe, $113.50; 76 m/s, $119; Ardfert P/ship, Omakere, 173 c/o, $140.50; D Koster, Taupo, 367 weth, $121; 55 b/f m/s, $119.50; Lochinver Station, Taupo, 333 c/o, $138.50; 64 ewe, $103.50; 64 ewe, $70; 518 c/o, $128; 155 c/o, $115; I and P Reube, Te Awa Rd, 157 c/o, $134; 51 b/f ewe, $119; S and T Virtue, Mangakahu Valley, Taumarunui, 121 m/s, $112.50; 84 m/s, $118.50; Kowhai Downs, Kaiwaka, 283 ewe, $119; 49 ewe, $107; K and J Farquharson, Patoka, 116 ewe, $128; 256 ewe, $131; 83 ewe, $109.50; Mangakuri Station, Kairakau, 296 ewe, $137; 104 ewe, $115.50; Waihau Farm, Waihau, 270 b/f ewe, $125.50; Glendale Station, Aropaoanui, 46 male, $124; 44 ewe, $114.50; The Heath, Aorangi Rd, 59 ram, $130; 40 ewe, $122; 42 ewe, $113; Brancott Farm, Waiwhare, 57 male, $144; Whareroa Station, Taupo, 64 ewe, $101.50; 53 male, $107; B Matthews, 48 ewe, $145.50; W Feetham Maraetotara, 58 m/s, $121; Kaiwaka vendor, 59 male, $134; Bay View vendor, 35 male, $158;

Prime sale

Sheep were the hot item at Monday's sale as a small yarding of mixed-quality ewes sold strongly and store lambs were in high demand.

Two pens of the lambs in a yarding of 563 head broke the $200 mark at $2034.50 and $216, while the cattle yarding of 10 head was of average quality and sold accordingly.

Cattle — bull: (Ang) Weight, 975kg, 174.5c/kg, $1701/head.

Heifers: (Here) Av weight, 468kg, 259/5c/kg, $1215/head.

Cows: (Charo, here-fries) Av weight, 547kg, 170c/kg, $923/head.

Sheep — ewes: Slipe, good, $169; med, $148.50 to $159; lighter, $122; 2th, $144.50; Shorn, heavy, $187, $195; good, $158.50 to $160.50; lighter, $130.

Lambs: Male, $153 to $216; b/f, $149.50 to $203.50;ewe, $134.50, $139; b/f, $137 to $184; m/s, $136.50, $153; b/f, $119.50 to $148.¦