A top-quality yarding of lambs, good supply and plenty of buyers looking to fill contracts led to prices lifting further at Stortford Lodge yesterday.

In the cattle pens in-calf cows sold well with meat companies underpinning the market at the cow fair.

Most of the yarding of about 900 head was vic cows. Other store cattle, mostly R1 bulls, sold on a varying market.

A feature of the lamb sale was the 1145 head from Lochinver Station on the Napier-Taupo road. They sold well enough but other pens from Turangi and the western bays area showed the effects of a prolonged dry period there.


Buyers were from Hawke's Bay, Gisborne and Taihape.


Cattle — cows, calves at foot: Oban Station, Raukawa, three R3 crossbred, three calves, av weight, 576kg, 203c/kg, $1170/head; three R3 fries-cross, three calves, av weight, 562kg, 165c/kg, $930/head.'

Cows: All vic, Martin Farming, Porangahau, (Cap stock) 23 R2 ang, av weight, 451kg, 297c/kg, $1340/head; 21 m/a ang, av weight, 552kg, 201c/kg, $1110/head; Paku Farms, Puketapu, 17 R3 sth dev-cross, rwb, av weight, 446kg, 272c/kg, $1215/head; seven ang-here, rwb, av weight, 414kg, 254c/kg, $1055/head; five sth dev-cross, rwb, av weight, 415kg, 250c/kg, $1040/head.

Parks Peak Station, Wakarara, (All cap stock), 31 R3 here, av weight, 468kg, 293c/kg, $1375/head; 16 R3 here, av weight, 412kg, 257c/kg, $1060/head; 11 R3 here, av weight, 376kg, 256c/kg, $965/head; 35 R6-9yr here av weight, 480kg, 237c/kg, $1140/head; 23 R4-10yr here, av weight, 448kg, 215c/kg, $965/head; 23 R9-11yr here, av weight, 497kg, 211c/kg, $1030/head; 10 m/a here, av weight, 375kg, 188c/kg, $705/head; I and M Abernethy, Bush Rd, (All cap stock) 19 R3 ang, av weight, 591kg, 280c/kg, $1655/head; 20 R6-8yr ang, av weight, 603kg, 227c/kg, $1375/head; 14 m/a ang, av weight, 607kg, 214c/kg, $1300/head; 25 R 4-5yr ang, av weight, 578kg, 280c/kg, $1620/head; 10 m/a ang-here, av weight, 624kg, 228c/kg, $1425/head; four m/a sth dev, av weight, 621kg, 207c/kg, $1290/head.

C and J Lee, Tangoio, six R3 ang, av weight, 485kg, 272c/kg, $1320/head; 12 R4-9yr ang, av weight, 533kg, 226c/kg, $1210/head; five empty ang, av weight, 633kg, 197c/kg, $1250/head; five empty ang, av weight, 490kg, 200c/kg, $750/head; Moeangiangi Station, Waikare, 32 m/a ang, av weight, 611kg, 252c/kg, $1545/head; 30 m/a ang, av weight, 541kg, 260c/kg, $1410/head; 18 m/a ang, av weight, 497kg, 257c/kg, $1280/head; B and C Donald, Dannevirke, 25 R4-10yr sth dev, av weight, 569kg, 205c/kg, $1190/head; Waipiropiro Station, Poukawa, 20 R9 ang, av weight, 585kgm, 214c/kg, $1255/head; Otoi Farming, Putere, 10 simm-cross, av weight, 593kg, 215c/kg, $1275/head; KCRB Farming, Omakere, 16 m/a here, av weight, 531kg, 210c/kg, $1120/head; Mangatawhiti Station, Wairoa, 32 R9 ang-here, av weight, 629kg, 225c/kg, $1420/head; Kaiwaka Hawke's Bay Ltd, 18 m/a ang, av weight, 520kg, 243c/kg, $1270/head; Inangatahi P/ship, Puketitiri, 34 m/a ang, av weight, 535kg, 229c/kg, $1230/head; nine m/a ang, av weight, 458kg, 213c/kg, 1130/head.

Longview P/ship, Patoka, 17 R3-8yr charo-cross, av weight, 627kg, 216c/kg, $1355/head; Mangakuri Station, Kairakau, 22 R9 ang, av weight, 635kg, 215c/kg, $1370/head; Whitehall Shoeing, Patoka, 18 m/a here, av weight, 566kg, 210c/kg, $1190/head; 18 R3-5yr here, av weight, 569kg, 209c/kg, $1190/head; Five Freedoms Farms, Raupunga, 11 m/a here-fries, av weight, 529kg, 213c/kg, $1130/head; Moore Farm Trust, Puketitiri, 19 m/a fries, av weight, 476kg, 190c/kg, $1140/head; Millstone P/ship. Waimarama, 11 m/a red devon, av weight, 588kg, 217c/kg, $1280/head.
Steers: R1, Glenbogle P/ship, Wanstead, 12 here-cross, av weight, 270kg, 310c/kg, $840/head; nine here-cross, av weight, 238kg, 310c/kg, $740/head; five here-cross, av weight, 164kg, 347c/kg, $570/head.

Bulls: R1, Springhill Dairies, Wakarara, seven fries, av weight, 228kg, 215c/kg, $490/head; 16 fries, av weight, 125kg, 339c/kg, $425/head; six here-fries, av weight, 121kg, 402c/kg, $490/head; five jersey-cross, av weight, 204kg, 196c/kg, $400/head; six fries, av weight, 217kg, 188c/kg, $410/head; nine crossbred, av weight, 123kg, 302c/kg, $375/head.


Sheep — lambs: Pinoaks, Wilder Rd, 120 ewe, $114.50; 122 ram, $141; 81 ewe, $116; G and J McLennan, Oueroa, 133 male, $139.50; 124 male, $136.50; Colbrae, Ashley Clinton, 159 c/o, $142.50; 194 c/o, $133.50; 130 b/f ewe, $131; 140 b/f ewe, $122; Lochinver Station, Taupo, 212 male, $136.50; 258 ewe, $129; 391 ewe, $124; 103 male, $134; 74 male, $126; K and J Farquharson, Patoka, 179 c/o, $153; 116 c/o, $149.50; 104 c/o, $138.50; Waikonini P/ship, Otamauri, 260 weth, $139; Mangatawhiti Station, Wairoa, 206 c/o, $140.50; 250 ewe, $130; 159 ewe, $126.50; D Koster, Taupo, 105 male, $121; Hurakia Trust, Taupo, 204 male, $117; T Brain, Wakarara, 125 male, $144; 75 male, $140.50; Allen Farming, Mangleton, 200 ewe, $125; 212 ewe, $114; M and L Whittle, Puketitiri, 160 ewe, $128; Droxford Farm, Middleton Rd, 86 ewe, $115; 89 c/o, $132.50; Shannon Station, Wairoa, 140 ewe, $131.50; 155 b/f ewe, $127; 56 b/f ewe, $118; Whakarawa Station, Turangi, 165 ewe, $111; 56 male, $121; R Dalziell, Nuhaka, 200 ewe, $114.50; 132 male, $140.50; 91 ewe, $130; 218 male, $137.50; Riverview Farm, Umutaoroa, 228 ewe, $110.50; 68 c/o, $135; Glentui P/ship, Tikokino, 106 ewe, $128.50; Mesa Farm, Maraekakaho, 100 ewe, $113.50; Glenview Farming, Tangoio, 118 ewe, $116.50; 79 c/o, $131; Matariki Farm, Ashley Clinton, 110 ewe, $116.50; 53 ewe, $129; K and W Finch P/ship, Pourere, 51 ram, $134; Waitere Station, Waitara Rd, 119 ewe, $96; J Olsen, Taupo, 71 c/o, $130.50; M O'Dwyer Trust, Tikokino, 133 ewe, $101.50; 54 male, $113; 44 ewe, $110.50; Kerrydowns, Patoka, 55 m/s, $114.50; J Preece, Chatham Island, 97 b/f m/s, $119.50; J Kamo, Chatham Island, 44 male, $142; S Norman, Chatham Island, 50 weth, $139; Alco Trust, Pakipaki, 62 m/s, $113.

Prime sale

A big yarding of cattle sold on a solid market at Monday's sale.

The 102 head on offer were mostly cows of good quality. The yarding of about 400 ewes on offer varied in quality but still sold well.

However, the lamb yarding of 437 lambs was all good quality which was reflected in the prices

Cattle — cows: (Ang, fries, simm-cross, here-fries, fries-cross,) Av weight, 405kg to 684kg, 145c/kg to 203.5c/kg, $703/head to $1365/head.

Heifers: (Ang, sth dev, fries) Av weight, 440kg to 586kg, 239c/kg to 275.5c/kg, $111/head to $1606/head.

Oxen: (Ang) Av weight, 465kg, 719kg, 230c/kg, 286c/kg, $192/head, $1056/head.
Bulls: (Here-fries, ang) Av weight, 660kg, 820kg, 215c/kg, 230c/kg, $1518/head, $1763/head.

Sheep — ewes: Slipe, heavy, $178, $180.50; good, $171; lighter, $104 to $133; woolly, good, $169.

Lambs: Male, 4140 to $187; ewe, $162 to $179.50; b/f, $163; m/s, $130 to $174; b/f, $142.