Another sign that things are returning to normal in "new normal" times is the return of the Targa Rally, set for Sunday, July 5.

Last year was a huge event benefitting many local organisations. This $25 million travelling roadshow passed through northern Tararua on Saturday, November 2, on the final day of the Targa Rally in 2019. It involved over 100 cars, most seriously racing, another group competing in a time trial and another group touring but not competing.

Cars heading out of the Dannevirke A & P Showgrounds last year.
Cars heading out of the Dannevirke A & P Showgrounds last year.

Managing Director of Ultimate Rally Group (URG) Peter Martin was in charge of the event and said his five-day rally involves 156 officials and employs 1500 paid volunteers from organisations in the towns through which the rally passes. Dannevirke Host and Norsewood Lions (course marshals) together with the Dannevirke Community Crew (332 packed lunches) were involved on Saturday.

Once again the roadshow will pass through Tararua entering from Porangahau Rd in Central Hawkes Bay travelling Wimbledon Rd and Route 52, concluding the morning at the intersection of Route 52 and Herbertville Rd.


It resumes in the afternoon on the Matamau Ormondville Rd looping north through the Matamau-Te Uri Rd, Tourere Rd and concluding at Ngahape Rd near Hatuma again in Central Hawkes Bay.

Lots of locals will benefit from catering for and watching these cars. A welcome return.