The Victoria Battery Tramway Society

This is run by volunteers who are eager to keep the history of the area used by the Waihi Gold Mining Company alive as a tribute to the many hundreds of workers who made the Waikino and Waihi area their home.

Take a trip from Waihi on the Goldfields Railway Train to Waikino Station then a short walk under the main road and across the bridge to the Victoria Battery site and explore the inner walls of what was the Waihi Gold Mining Company Transformer House.

Built by the Mining Company and commissioned in 1912, this building provided electric power from a hydro at Hora Hora on the Waikato river for the battery site, Waikino and Waihi for many years.


Take a walk through the tunnel under where the ore bearing rocks were cooked in the kilns before they were crushed to extract the fine particles of gold.

Wander through the museum and see some of the machinery and tools that were used to extract the rock from the earth and the gold from the rock.

Ride in a carriage drawn by a battery powered tram, once used underground to haul the gold bearing stone out to the rake line where it finally ended up out at the Victoria Battery site to have the gold extracted.

The tramway is open from 10am to 3pm each Saturday and Sunday and during the school holidays they will be open each Wednesday 10am to 3pm.

Blue Light Fun
Waihi Blue Light is holding a school holiday programme on Tuesday, July 7 and Thursday, July 16 from 1pm to 3pm at Waihi Events Centre. The fun programme is open to all aged 5-11 or school Years 1-7. See more on Facebook Waihi Bluelight Ventures.

The Waihi Arts Centre and Museum
The Waihi Arts Centre and Museum on Kenny St has been preserving local history since 1962.

The museum reopened after a thorough clean and polish by volunteers and the committee says its future is in the hands of locals stepping up.

Once rosters are ogranised, the committee is keen to share the unique history of the area with locals and visitors alike.


The core business of collecting, archiving, displaying and managing items of an historical nature which relate to Waihi and the district will continue.

Several small groups of volunteers are working on different projects, which are ongoing as items come in for the collections while the research group takes enquiries about family history of the area.

The current exhibition in the gallery is Looking at Learning, featuring a timeline of the history of schools that were built in and around Waihi starting in the 1890s, and photos and objects to do with education from the early years until the 1970s.

"New volunteers are needed to continue the great work that has already been done by members in the past," says Berys Daly.

If you would like to be involved please call and leave a message on 07 8638386, or drop in and chat with whoever is on duty.

Pit Rim Walkway and Hauraki Bike Trail

Easily accessible for all ages by bike, the Hauraki Rail Trail and the pit rim walkway in Waihi are great options for active families. Visit or pick up a free Hauraki Rail Trail guide from local information centres to plan your ride.