On the back of their successful performance at Bay Dreams this week, Australian band Sticky Fingers performed at Mount Maunganui's Trustpower Arena on Saturday night.

Fans queued in anticipation for over an hour to get into the arena to witness Sticky Fingers' second Bay concert from the 'Yours To Keep' tour.

Sticky Fingers (brought to New Zealand by Pato Entertainment) attracted a variety of people, from adults to parents taking their young kids to the all-ages concert.

The warm-up bands have to be commended, with The Butlers providing a decent set as we were all moving through the queue.


Delta Riggs then set up the crowd, and the atmosphere, for the main act with their set and energy.

Crowds enjoy Stinky Fingers in Mount Maunganui. Photo / Nichole Davis - nicholejuneproductions
Crowds enjoy Stinky Fingers in Mount Maunganui. Photo / Nichole Davis - nicholejuneproductions

Two of Delta Riggs members also returned, later on, to play with Sticky Fingers.

When Sticky finally came on stage, the mosh pit became a frenzy of pushing and phones in the air to capture the sound and atmosphere.

The band sounded amazing but for me, the mosh pit became an unpleasant place to be able to enjoy one of my favourite bands. However, once I had escaped the mosh pit and found a decent seat further back in the grandstand, I was able to see the atmosphere from a different perspective.

From further back, I was able to see how much the fans appreciate the music, and the band members themselves.

The chemistry between the band members also made the concert more enjoyable to watch. Frontman Dylan Frost's connection with bass player Paddy Cornwall, is the best example, with them sharing a mic at times, and just having fun together.

The band consisting of Dylan, Paddy, Seamus Coyle (lead guitar), Beaker Best (drums) and Freddy Crabs (keys/synth), who was rocking his classic look of no shirt, just shorts.

After teasing the crowd that they were finished, Dylan and Seamus returned to the stage to perform a couple of acoustic songs. The rest of Sticky followed suit and returned to the stage, and after a short merchandise sale promotion, performed their final song and left the crowd buzzing.


All the money made off the merchandise sold was being donated to New South Wales Rural Fire Service, to help fund the fight against the raging bushfires in their home country.

Overall, Sticky Fingers provided a great night. True fans got their enjoyment out of the whole concert experience, with the band providing a visually pleasing experience.