A $183,000 grant from central government will help to enhance Tauranga city's freedom camping initiatives, including providing extra facilities and services.

For the second year running, Tauranga City Council has secured a grant from the Government's Responsible Camping Working Group.

The funding is part of an $8.5 million package to support local councils in implementing effective freedom camping in their areas.

Stuart Goodman, Tauranga City Council's regulation and monitoring team leader, said the council was pleased to receive support from central government.

'With Tauranga's increasing popularity with both domestic and international travellers, it's great to see central government acknowledging local council's need for support," he said.


Goodman said the $183,000 will go towards education and information measures, enforcement and monitoring, and infrastructure development such as signage, rubbish collection and recycling stations.

It will ensure additional facilities and services are in place to support the community and minimise the impact on our environment.

Tauranga City Council also plans to work with partner organisations and community groups on initiatives to educate and inform visitors about freedom camping in our city over the summer months, he said.

'We want people to come and enjoy our beautiful city but also behave responsibly when camping in our public spaces. To do this, we need to make sure the information was easy to understand and readily available," Goodman said.

More information about the 38 freedom camping sites in the city can be found on the Tauranga City Council's website.

Freedom camping must be in a self-contained vehicle clearly displaying NZS5465:2001 certification.

Non-self‑contained vehicles must book into a campground to avoid receiving an infringement.