A delivery truck has clipped the side of a Mount Maunganui building ripping signage off and damaging chairs and tables.

Bay Sushi on Maunganui Rd had its front signage ripped off after the truck, which was driving down the neighbouring Steeple Lane, clipped the building about 1.30pm.

Zeytin Cafe owner Mandy Gillgren said it was lucky no one was seriously injured in the incident.

"It pulled all the signage off and landed it on the footpath which has broken tables and nearly damaged a vehicle.


"It's probably very lucky that no one was sitting there because they would have been very seriously injured," she said.

Gillgren was sitting in her restaurant at the time and said the crash made a very loud bang.

"It sounded like the roof had collapsed in."

A police spokeswoman said police had located the driver and were on their way to speak to him.