If you know what it's like to have to stretch your dollars to meet living expenses, than a free workshop in Katikati about how to live thriftily may assist.

SuperGrans Western Bay of Plenty is running a free workshop in Katikati next week called "Living on the Smell of an Oily Rag" for those earning less than $20,000 a year.

About half or 48.8 per cent of Katikati's resident population are in that position and are having to stretch their dollars to met living expenses, according to SuperGrans Western Bay of Plenty's Service Manager Anita Rapson.

The workshop is being held at the SuperGrans office, 14 Jocelyn St, from 9.30am to 11.30am on May 15.

SuperGrans Western Bay of Plenty facilitates workshops, mentoring partnerships and drop-in sessions where SuperGrans' volunteers share their wisdom, knowledge and life skills for people of all ages within the community.


"Many of the life skills our SuperGrans volunteers share in the community to help others are based on living thriftily, from cooking and growing your own food to making and mending clothing," Rapson said.

"Our workshop will share creative strategies and tips to stretch your dollar further when it comes to shopping, food, holidays, household management and everyday living.

Attendees wanting to know more about a specific area such as meal planning, they can partner up with a SuperGrans volunteer to learn in a one-to-one environment over a longer period of time, she said.

SuperGrans Western Bay of Plenty was established in 2017.

SuperGrans volunteers pass on their skills in various ways, from cooking workshops to gardening and cooking classes at Katikati Primary School, to knitting more than 100 peggy-square blankets for babies born in the district.

Other SuperGrans activities include a Mother's Day special morning tea celebration for parents and caregivers of children aged under 2 on May 14.

There is also a gardening group drop-in session on May 22 for anyone interested in learning about growing their own food and a basic sewing tutorial on May 29.

For more information visit www.supergranswbop.org.nz or call 07 549 4522.