Colin Stephenson died doing what he loved - riding motorcycles.

Stephenson, 59, from Katikati, died following a crash between a car and his motorcycle at Wairakei Terraces in the Taupō district on Friday, March 29, around 2.15pm.

He was one of 27 people killed on New Zealand roads last week.

Hundreds of mourners gathered to remember Stephenson at his funeral last Friday, and cherished him for his hard-working, grass-roots nature.


Colin was the son of the late Richard and Audrey Stephenson, and had two brothers, Roy and Ian.

The family moved to New Zealand from Liverpool when Colin was about 13 years old.

He had four children: Katrina, Paul, Michael and David.

Brother Ian Stephenson told the Herald Colin loved his motorbike. "It was the love of his life," he said.

He also worked as a labouring engineer, and was in the process of building a house truck.

"He liked camping, and loved his kids," Ian said.

"He lived a single man's life, but he was a hermit of sorts. He was an extremely hard-working guy.

"He was well respected for the work that he did. He was a hard man and one statement at his funeral said 'If Colin didn't have a hammer to hit a nail, he would just use his hand'.


"We called him the salt of the earth. He worked hard and was a grass-roots person that made it possible for others to live their lives."

Colin was also enlisted in the New Zealand Army, as part of the Territorial Force.

"He was always willing to go and fight for the country that he lived in," Ian said.