An 85-year-old woman has been taken to hospital with moderate injuries after her car slammed into the front of a Greerton dairy with a "massive bang", shattering glass and damaging its door.

Chadwick Road Foodmarket store manager Sanjay Chand said an "old lady" in a Suzuki Swift had driven through the glass window at the front of the shop.

He said he and his staff were in the back of the store at the chiller when "we heard the sound of everything tumbling in".

They came out to find "heaps of damage", including to the building itself.


"Fortunately we were not out there at the time."

Monique Rockcliffe was working at the hair salon across the road when she heard a "massive bang".

"It kind of felt like everything shook," she said. "We came out and saw everyone around the car and realised it was one of our clients."

Her colleague Shane Pukepuke also heard the crash.

"We just heard all of the glass break. That's what stopped us," he said.

"A lady came over and said she won't be coming to the appointment."

Pukepuke said the woman was a regular customer. "She is a lovely lady."

Nimrat Nagra, 17, was serving a customer at the Greerton Grocery Store a few shops down when she heard the crash.


She said she went down to check on the elderly woman inside the car, however, doctors from across the road were already on hand to help before St John Ambulance arrived.

Nagra said the owners of the damaged shop were family friends.

"At least no one got hurt and everything is okay," she said.

A St John spokeswoman said a patient had been taken to Tauranga Hospital in moderate condition and a Tauranga Hospital spokesman said the 85-year-old Tauranga woman was being treated.