What green space?

With the former Phoenix carpark, the one that now has the unpronounceable name, nearing completion it very hard to imagine that it is going to end up as the green space that council convinced us that it was going to be.

Maybe the goal will be to cover the mass of concrete with green paint but even this radical approach hardly elevates the area to be able to be called a green space.

To me, this looks just like another failure of the current council just following other failures such a putting even more money into the container village, Our Place.

Roll on election 2019. (Abridged)


Mike Baker

Well said

Bravo Kathleen Howan (Letters, December 18) for speaking out for the Christmas miracle.

I hope others will be encouraged to write in also and voice their views.

It is a time to make a stand against the moral filth that is pervading our society - for evil to flourish, let good men do nothing is an old but true saying.

A Blessed and meaningful Christmas to all of our readers!


Light rail needed

I agree that Tauranga needs more rail, but it should be in the form of light rail, perhaps going down Cameron Rd.

The rail at the moment does not go to all busy suburbs as the main rail needs too much space. Then there is the price issue, people will not go by rail or bus if the car is cheaper.

For example, My wife and I travel from the lakes in Tauriko.

By car, it costs us around $40 a week including tolls.

A bus, for example, would be double that for the two of us.

What incentive is there?

I think there would be a lot of people in the same boat as us. The Gold Coast is a perfect example of how it could be done.

Wayne Anderson