My dear Tauranga friends, where have you gone wrong; lend me your ears for a moment.

Remember December 10, 2018, a day of sunshine, hot and oh so balmy.

A great day for a "gridlock" for your commute home all ye who live south of the city wall for I observed on my 12k e-bike commute (25min) home from Pyes Pa, a vast grid of locked cars travelling home.

This said gridlock stretched from Barkes Corner in the south to approximately 15th Ave in the north (that great city avenue boundary). Amongst this queue, I observed two new "yellow" buses with one passenger between them - "well done that man".


Just a quick note to our "boys in blue", these gridlocks are a great hunting ground; I counted seven car drivers either texting or talking on their phones between Barkes Corner and Pooles Rd.

Oh, dear Tauranga when will you learn, if you continue to commute one person per car you may not get to where you want to be in the not too distant future.

Don Hoult
Tauranga South

Christ lives at Christmas
What a shame in this happy festive season that Brian Rudman (Opinion, December 14) is so negative.

Doesn't he realise that Christianity can change lives for good? Alcoholics and drug dependents have had their lives turned around by placing their trust in the Christ of Christmas.

Secular historians tell us that Christ did live so don't try to push him out of Christmas.
Santa Claus is not real, of course, but is a source of enjoyment for many children who in time will accept his unreality without the help of a 7-year-old flaunting what is possibly his family's views and in the process defying school authority.

Kathleen Howan