Regarding the three lanes being viable for Hairini Bridge (News, December 7), I think it is putting a bandage on the problem.

Let's start the ball rolling now to do the job properly and build another two lane bridge to sit beside the existing two lanes at Hairini St, and four lane all the way to Cameron Rd, and put in proper cycleways.

The council should spend the money now to do the job properly. It will never be cheaper than today. How much money is currently wasted on fuel alone by everyone sitting in traffic for an extra 45 minutes per day?

If the whole project costs $80 million then it is a 10-year payback for the economy. Less if you add the value of time and cost of lost opportunity to do other things.


Come on council – add to the good work being done on the flyovers at the Mount – let's make Tauranga move again. (Abridged)

Bruce Buchanan

Train service to Auckland

Readers have written suggesting train travel to ease congestion on our roads.

Personally, we'd be very happy to see a train service up to Auckland as an alternative to going by bus and would use it.

The journey would be scenic, and it could go right through to the Britomart station.

Not a silly idea?

Pyes Pa