An impressive Christmas haul containing more than a few nappies and all the usual pantry necessities filled the foodbank van up to its windows.

The businesses of the ANZ Centre at 247 Cameron Rd have done it again.

"When we look at what's in there, it's expensive stuff," collection organiser Michelle Senkus, of law firm Cooney Lees Morgan, said.

She said the businesses of the building had once again got on board with the Bay of Plenty Times Christmas Appeal and delivered, as they do each year, with boxes and boxes of food and grocery items.


"Why? Because everyone should be able to celebrate Christmas if it's their belief, with something nice to eat, and to have enough food to get their families through the holiday season without going hungry. Surely it's a human right to have food."

A wave of new parents in the building – or soon-to-be parents – was probably one of the reasons behind all the nappies, Senkus said.

Kay George, Cooney Lees' marketing administrator, thought the same.

"I think they sort of start thinking that way – how expensive they are."

George said the Tauranga Community Foodbank provided a Christmas wishlist, which was sent out to staff and helped guide them in which gifts to give.

"And I think people have taken up that personal hygiene stuff – nappies and all those things that are really expensive and a lot of families can't afford."

The foodbank's warehouse manager, Brendon Collins, who was at the ANZ Centre to pick up the donations, said there were a lot of young families coming into the foodbank looking for that help.

"We'd probably get something like one in 10 requesting nappies, so without donations we just couldn't do it. So it's fantastic," he said.


"We'd certainly be lost without the help. It makes a huge difference and takes the pressure off our budget.

"It's something we can't afford to buy but we want to have them there and give them out and without the donations that have come in today, we wouldn't be able to do it."

Cooney Lees Morgan has also donated $5000 to the foodbank as part of the appeal.

"Thank you from the foodbank, we really appreciate it, and I look forward to coming back next year," Collins said.

About 400 people work in the ANZ Centre and the following businesses contributed to the foodbank Christmas appeal: Aurecon, ANZ, KPMG, Staples Rodway, Bayleys, LifeTime (previously Rothbury Finance) and Cooney Lees Morgan.